Thursday, May 16, 2019

Online Language Learning

At the time we live the knowledge of another language is not an offer exclusively for a few but for everyone. Learning through the Internet in live communication with the teacher has significant benefits and excellent results compared to other methods. Benefit clearly after choosing this method to save time and money and finally have the flexibility to learn more easily.

  Occupational rehabilitation is perhaps the most important reason someone finds a need to learn a foreign language. Many professions require knowledge of foreign languages ​​or in particular, specific foreign languages. The most commonly used foreign language is English.
There is no doubt that learning a language requires incredible perseverancePerseverance and discretion. In our mother tongue, we do not even have to think of talking "automatically". We did most of the hard work when we were young,  subconsciously absorbing everything around us, and now we can freely express it without a second thought. But on the other hand, there is someone who struggles, who struggles for knowledge and is committed to years of hard work to learn a language that often contradicts the basic foundations of grammar and pronunciation that has been taught since his birth
There are days he feels at the top of the world and others, wondering why he does that.
It is an amazing way of focus and truth, frustration and joy, self-confidence and self-cover and every day is like a new experience.
In learning a language we should not try to make the least mistakes but to get the comfort of expressing ourselves even when we feel uncomfortable or we know that some of what we say may be wrong.

Go beyond frustration when someone corrects you, because this correction is actually the optimal scenario since if you learn from it, you will not make the same mistake again. Making mistakes is power - not a weakness because it means you are beyond your abilities. But the mistakes are the only steps for improvement, the only hand that reaches the top of the mountain and the only way to get where we want to go.

 There is something beautiful to think, engage, learn a language from another culture outside of yours.

Knowing a language can help you communicate and come closer with people who speak this language but also be one of the highest spiritual goals that someone can have personally.
Learning a language requires a hard effort and perseverance to get to success, but compensation at the end of the journey is worthwhile.

(More than) one language(s), endless possibilities…

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

German Language

German Language
German is used as the official language of Germany and of Austria. It is also used as one of the four official languages of Switzerland (along with French, Italian, and Romansh).
German is also spoken in dialect form throughout Luxembourg and by much of the population of the regions of eastern France formerly known as Alsace and Lorraine. It is further spoken in the north-Italian border regions of Tirol and Ticino (formerly parts of Austria), and in isolated communities widely scattered throughout eastern Europe, notably in Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania (Transylvania), and Russia (Volga region). Outside Europe, dialect German continues to be spoken in large emigrant communities in southern Brazil, South Africa, Australia, and the United States (notably Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Texas).

As a result the German language, although of great importance for the historical literature of science and technology (in which Germany was preeminent up to 1933), does not today play a major role in global commerce.
Sourse: https://www.omniglot. com,